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2019 is fast approaching and like every other new year, we need new talent and new energy to make things interesting. If you’re interested in trying out for PBC Men’s Sweep, send us an email, an Instagram DM, a carrier pigeon, or whatever works best for you.

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Men’s Sweep is currently looking for a Head Coach to lead the program to success in 2019. See the classified listing HERE and reach out!

12/15/2018 – The Lt. CJ Miller, USMC Full Ham Triathlon. Results to be posted soon.

12/8/2018 – PBC Float Move – we’ll be taking apart (most of) the dock and sending it to a safe place for the winter. Don’t worry, there’s still enough ramp and dock to launch from.

10/25/2018 – The Men’s Club Eight took 5th in the Men’s Championship Club Eight at the Head of the Schuylkill.

10/19/2018 – The Men’s Club Eight took 7th, the Men’s Senior Masters Eight took 21st, and the Men’s Masters Four took 16th at the Head of the Charles.

10/14/2018 – The Men’s Club Eight took 1st and the Men’s Senior Masters Eight took 3rd in the Men’s Open Eight event at the Occoquan Chase.

10/13/2018 – PBC Men’s Sweep scrimmaged with George Washington University’s 1V, 2V, and 3V. See footage here.

9/8/2018 – PBC Men’s Sweep and Baltimore Rowing Club scrimmaged on the Potomac. See footage here.

7/15/2018 – Club Nationals results here. Potomac Intermediate and Senior Eights both finish 4th in the country.

7/14/2018 – Henley Masters Regatta results here. Potomac wins the Masters C 4+ and Masters E 4+.

“American Club Experience” series on Rowing Related, detailing the Henley journey:

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11 – Henley Royal Regatta Begins With a Draw

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9 – The Schuylkill Navy Regatta

8 – The Role of the Super-sub

7 – What’s Masters Rowing Really About, Anyway?

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1 – The American Club Rowing Experience

7/4/2018 – Henley Royal Regatta results here. Thames Challenge Cup Eight eliminated by Cork Boat Club, Wyfold Challenge Four eliminated by Thames Rowing Club.

6/14/2018 – Schuylkill Navy Regatta results here. Men’s Intermediate Eights finish 1-2 over Vesper and Baltimore.

5/5/2018 – Training trip and selection in Charlottesville.

3/24/2018 – Dual scrimmage vs. UVA and Hobart College.

2/24/2018 – Photos from the PBC vs. UVA scrimmage here.

2/21/2018 – Aaron Moburg-Jones wins the Men’s 30-39 30′ race and Men’s Team Co-Captain Peter Clements wins the Open Marathon at World Rowing Indoor Rowing Championships; Row2k feature here.

We are the men (and women!) of the Potomac Men’s Sweep Team. Five days a week, in Washington’s swampy summers and crisp, calm winters, we train together, race together, and compete together. We are students, we are Senior Masters; we are Veterans, we are parents; lightweights and heavyweights and coxswains and have made national teams in each of the past five decades and have the unis to prove it. We are all very different but all have one thing in common – every morning we show up to make one another better.  

We’re proud of our efforts, our teammates, and our club, and the best stage to show the world is in Henley-on-Thames, England at the Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) and Henley Masters Regatta (HMR). Henley offers a March Madness-style bracket of head-to-head single-elimination racing for a week straight, and on the Sunday finals reveals who the best and bravest and toughest are. This unique race format – broadcast live all week for the whole world to see – not only requires rowers to be technically sound and physically strong, but extraordinarily mentally tough, qualities that only come with years of hard training and experience.

We’ll select the fastest crews until the spring, giving teammates an opportunity to push each other to their technical, physical, and mental best – but for anyone that makes this travel team, training began many moons ago. In other words, we’re going to Henley to show the world that we are Potomac, and this is what we do.

Can’t make it to England? Don’t worry, we’ll need a home team to represent at Independence Day Regatta, Club Nationals, and Masters Nationals. We want experience, speed, and attitude – everyone makes a contribution here. U23 undergraduate looking to get faster over the summer? Shoot us a note. Just graduated, took a corporate job (or looking for one) and want to keep at it? Send us your info. Rowed in college, did triathlons and marathons and competitive stroller runs for 10 years, and ready to jump back in? Let’s talk.

Interested in being a part of this effort, or otherwise joining the team and becoming a senior member of Potomac Boat Club? Please e-mail [email protected] (or message us via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and provide:

  • A brief summary of your rowing experience
  • Age
  • Height/Weight
  • Erg score (2k and/or 6k)
  • Personal goals
  • Referrals from Coach/Captain/teammate welcome

About Us


Potomac Men’s Sweep welcomes athletes prepared to commit to excellence on a daily basis. Training is structured to allow oarsmen and coxswains to continue to develop physically and technically – allowing athletes to maintain their ‘peak’ level of fitness, or even improve it, as long as they’re willing to put in the work. The team offers the opportunity to continue the pursuit of rowing greatness and the thrill of competition while offering the flexibility required for athletes to balance work and life demands. We compete and win against the best crews in the country over any distance – head races, 2000m, 1000m – and any category – open, intermediate, masters, senior masters, AA-F.

We train primarily in coxed eights and fours March through November. Practices continue throughout the winter, and rely on erg testing and a comprehensive conditioning program to select and prepare athletes for competition and develop and improve fitness throughout the year. In order to ensure individualized coaching attention and maintain a high standard of rowing, the team is limited in size and reserves the right to invite oarsmen and coxswains ready to compete and win at high levels of national and international competition.