Potomac Boat Club (PBC) will offer Fall U19 and U23 Programming, under the direction of the High Performance Program. The PBC High Performance Program develops athletes to compete at the highest level, nationally and internationally. Over the last quadrennial, more than 20 rowers from the program have represented the U.S. internationally. 

The U19 and U23 Programs will focus on technical fundamentals, developing physiology, building functional strength in the weight room, engraining fueling / hydration habits to support training, and applying mental skill sets. The U19 and U23 Programs offer a virtual and a hybrid training option. The virtual programming will take place over Zoom sessions and the hybrid programming will include additional afternoon water sessions (in 1xs) on top of the instruction over Zoom. 

Preference will be given to the most promising athletes and invitations will be sent out on a rolling basis, until all program slots are filled. 

Application: APPLY HERE

  • Application will remain open through September for U23 collegiate athletes. 

Dates: August 24-October 31st

  • Program Placement Week: August 24 – 29th 
  • Program Training: August 30th – October 31st. Athletes will be grouped into similar sections based on their training status and sculling experience. 
    • U23 athletes will have the opportunity to continue with the HPP after the fall program ends. 

Training times: Monday – Saturday

  • U19 Program
    • Virtual training times (AM) will reflect schedules of the athletes in the program.
    • OTW training times (PM) will be between 2:00PM-6:45PM. 
  • U23 Program 
    • OTW training times (AM2) will be between 10:00AM and 2:15PM.
      • If there are questions, feel free to send a follow up email through our High Performance Program page HERE
    • Virtual training times (PM) will reflect schedules of the athletes in the program. 

Regattas: TBD

Cost: $800-$1,200 depending upon program 

  • U19 (Virtual)
  • U19 (Hybrid)
  • U23 (Virtual)
  • U23 (Hybrid)

** Need based scholarships are available **

Parent Policy

  • All program related communication goes through the athletes. Athletes will be on an official program email list. It is their responsibility to check email regularly and communicate relevant updates to parents/guardians.
  • Athletes earn their seat every day. Rowing is a meritocracy where effort, ownership, and consistent performance earns opportunities. This puts the athletes in the driver seat of their opportunities this summer. They will be held to standards and expected to meet and work towards them.
  • Active participation. Athletes are expected to be active participants in their summer experience. It is the responsibility of the coach to provide a safe, transparent, and productive learning environment. There may be instances when an athlete has questions about aspects of the training and/or selection. It is the responsibility of the athlete to communicate with the coach.
  • Transparency. The program will be structured to provide transparency in decision making around training, boating, and racing. We entrust the coaches to make and communicate these decisions based on cumulative data collection and observation.