Rowing at Potomac Boat Club

Members of Potomac Boat Club range from recreational rowers to those who compete on a regular basis either individually or through a PBC competitive program.  For recreational rowers, the club maintains a fleet of sculling and paddling equipment (including standup paddle boards, kayaks and canoes) managed by the Club Rowing Committee (CRC).  Those who compete outside of a program have access to CRC managed equipment and can also use racing resources managed for the club by the Racing Committee with prior coordination.

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PBC is a USRowing Training Partner SiteCompetitive programs, managed by the Racing Committee, include all racing categories.  In 2013, PBC became a USRowing Training Partner site for the U.S. National Team Men’s Quad with an intense development effort run by the Open Sculling Program.  Programs also include a National Championship Men’s Sweep Team with members from age 22 and up, who compete in club, champ and all masters racing categories.  There is also a separate Masters Rowing Program, which focuses on success in women’s masters sweep and sculling, as well as mixed men’s and women’s entries.

PBC teams compete during the Summer sprint season and the Fall head racing season and conduct on and off-water strength and conditioning sessions during the months when no races are scheduled. The teams share PBC’s racing fleet that includes both sculling and sweep equipment, and coordinates other equipment resources with Washington-Lee High School Crew based on the longest, most successful club and high school resource sharing agreements in U.S. rowing history.

For more information regarding our Club Rowing Committee fleet or a particular Racing Committee managed competitive program, please click on a link below.  If you are a PBC program unaffiliated racer who would like to coordinate on the use of racing equipment, please contact the Racing Committee.

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