Member Contact Information Updates

For existing members – including active, associate, and non-residents – please keep PBC notified of your most current contact information, including mailing address. Please submit changes using the contact information update form available through the Members Only section of the site.

Current Members

Categories of Membership and Club Usage:

• Senior/Active: Senior membership entitles one to full use of the Club facilities and equipment, including lockers and boat racks, based on availability.

Spouses and children (through age 18) of Senior members may also use the club. Once a child turns 18, they are eligible to convert to a membership in their own name without having to go through the application process.

Senior members are permitted to host a guest 12 times per year, or an average of once per month, and must accompany their guest on the water at all times. Each guest is limited to 12 rows. Guest privilege is not an alternative to membership for an individual who wishes to row on a regular basis.

• Non-Resident Members: Senior members moving away from the Washington, DC area may choose to become a Non-Resident member. Non-Resident membership is designed for senior members who are absent from Washington, DC for a continuous period exceeding four months. Non-Resident members may be asked to vacate lockers and store private boats in locations not suitable for everyday use. You must be a Senior member before you can change to Non Resident status.

• Associate Members: If you are staying in the area but find you are not using the club, you can maintain social privileges as an Associate member. Associate members have access to the club and may attend club events including annual/semi-annual meetings, but have no rowing, erg or weight room privileges, no voting privileges, and are not permitted to store boats or keep a locker. Once you move to Associate status, you cannot return to Senior status for at least a year and you must be a Senior member before you can change to Associate status.

• Guest Memberships: Guest memberships may be extended by the permission of the BOG in limited circumstances to members in good standing of other rowing clubs who are stationed in the Washington DC area for short periods of time. They pay dues at the same rate as active members but do not have a vote. They can store boats should there be space available. A letter from their home boat club/rowing organization stating that the applicant is a member in good standing will be required before Guest membership can be offered.

Current Dues

Senior dues are billed twice a year in January and July for two quarters in advance. Non-Resident and Associate dues are billed annually in January. They are payable within 30 days of invoice and may be subject to a late fee if not paid on time. Any member more than two quarters in arrears may be dropped from membership.

Current dues are as follows.

• Senior Dues: $750 per year
• Associate Dues: $100 per year
• Non Resident Dues: $50 per year

Member Handbook

The PBC Member Handbook is available here.

Liability Waivers

All club members and non-member participants in club programs must complete, sign, and submit a Waiver of Liability to the club. New applicants may submit the waiver along with the membership application.

Review and sign your PBC Waiver linked here.

In addition, if you are racing this year, you should sign a 2015 USRowing Waiver for PBC Athletes:

  • Click on Rosters at USRowing
  • Enter the PBC ATHLETE/Club Access Code: TP4C7 … then simply follow the input directions from there.

Find additional safety related info linked below.:

Reservation of Ballroom for Members’ Private Events

Active and Associate members may reserve the PBC ballroom for their own private events. Certain limitations apply and prior approval by the club is required.  Please submit requests using the house use form available through the Members Only section of the site.

Members-Only Area

As a service to members, the PBC Board formally launched the members-only section of the website, which is part of an effort to improve the usefulness of our website for communicating information intended specifically for club members as well as for providing a management tool to the club’s leadership.

The Board populates the Members Area with documented Potomac Boat Club policies. In so doing it is our intention to promulgate rules only where they are required. Utility, brevity, and clarity are our watchwords. What we want is a common understanding of policies and procedures adopted to facilitate club operations and assuming for the membership as much common sense and regard for others as possible.

Access to many items in the Members Area requires a password. Dissemination of the password will be accomplished through a request using the form below. Access will be provided promptly to Active, Associate, and Non-Resident members in good standing.

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