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Nicholas Woodfield

Gale and Flood Warnings 1 6

Natasha Wood

Volunteer for SHOP this weekend! 1 2

Lena Wang

Shortened dock space- short term 1 3

Lauren Schumer

Upstream end of the dock - launch ropes and drilling barge 1 7

Lauren Schumer

Small craft advisory through 8pm Friday! 1 4

Rick Trimble

Update - PBC's High Performance Program 1 6

Stephen Titus

PLEASE READ - DC Water Project - Potential Impact to Dock Access THIS WEEK 2 11

Natasha Wood

SHOP volunteer reminder 1 8

Christopher Dopita

PBC - Brand Merchandise Committee Annual Survey 2022 4 22

Lorea Wetten

Nominations for Float Officers 4 20

Lauren Schumer

Saturday work day for RC teams 1 3

Natasha Wood

SHOP: volunteer reminder and update 1 10

Dana Perrone

HOCR - Launch from Riverside 1 7

Natasha Wood

Volunteer for SHOP! Reminder 2 9

Diane Poole

Reminder - DEI Sponsored Volunteer Opportunity 1 11

George Kirschbaum

Obituary for Bruce Beckner- PBC member 1 18

George Kirschbaum

4th Sister and Navigation Reminder! 1 13

George Kirschbaum

Power at PBC is OUT 1 8

Virginia V. Bryant

Join the Social Committee! 1 5

Henry McEntee

Visiting Master Rower 11/1-4 1 7