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Security and Safety

A note on crossing the river safely

Dear PBC’ers:

Please check for traffic moving upstream past PBC when you launch and return. Please be sure to yield to these other crews!

There is no need to cause crews from other boathouses concern for for their safety in your eagerness to get out to practice, or to return quickly to the dock when you are done for the day. Many of those other crews are inexperienced, so it’s difficult for them to hit the brakes to avoid a collision, and they should not have to do this. Our boats must yield right of way. Just as you do when driving your car – wait for an opening!

It is your duty – a duty for all of us, to yield to traffic in the pattern when crossing the river at any time, at any point of the river, not just in front of our house. We […]

Reminder about Rowing by TBC

A few years ago, we sat down with the Potomac River Safey Committee, TBC’s management and representatives of some of PBC and agreed upon one thing: Don’t complete any speedwork on the DC side of the TBC bend.  In a nutshell, don’t go blazing by their dock.

In the summer we have a lot of novices trying out singles from TBC.  As much as they are told the rules of the river, we have to treat those rowers like the weekend paddleboarders and kayakers: they aren’t remembering traffic rules.  It does not make it okay but to keep ourselves safe, we agreed that we go around that bend with caution.

This is a time to remind since the singles are still out there and the college programs are starting back up.  It isn’t worth the injury to the boats and the rowers.

Many thanks,


Sat. Morning BREAK-IN

Saturday morning (16 July 2016) at approximately 5:15am six individuals scaled the Aqueduct gate and entered the building. They proceeded to look around on the dock and then attempt a joy ride in one of the wakeless launches. Luckily for PBC, member Michael McGuirk witnessed the criminals scale the gate and called police, who arrived within minutes. After a brief chase (the thieves swam from the gas-less launch to the shore) one of the perps was taken into custody and hopefully the rest will  be soon as well. In addition, Michael Skey was propositioned by other individuals around the same time this morning when he arrived who wanted to sell him drugs. It was an eventful morning!

The police have done a solid job helping us today, and are taking care with investigation.

Please let this serve as information regarding the events, but also a strong reminder that none of us […]

Safety lesson learned the hard way

A couple of weeks before the ice set in, but after PBC’s winter rowing rules went into effect, senior member Nick Holland and his single had a run in with a log.  Upstream without a personal flotation device (pfd), with a water temperature below 45F, Nick would be the first to tell you that he was lucky to make it back to the dock alive.  Below is his story.  Sharing it with you is his penance for breaking the rules.

Before we get to Nick’s story, at the bottom of this post you will find links to Hypothermia and Cold Water Immersion – Information for Rowing and Coaches and Clubs by Jane Blockley of the Leo Blockley Memorial Campaign. Leo Blockley drowned on December 29, 2000, in the River Ebro while rowing with the Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club during winter training camp in Amposta, Spain.  About fifty meters from […]