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Exclusive Potomac Boat Club Henley-style blazers


I am pleased to announce that a Raj Gulati, a Bangkok tailor well-beloved to the expat community, will be visiting Potomac Boat Club two weeks from Monday on May 1st from 7 – 10 p.m., and offering exclusive to Potomac Boat Club a specially-designed red-and-white PBC Henley-style blazer, custom-fit and ready for the English social season (or any PBC Social Committee function). The final design will be posted at the club next week. The cost of the blazer will be under $200. Blazers and all other orders should arrive 10-12 weeks from the fitting.

Will You Be Attending? We may need to manage capacity and blazer orders, so if you plan to come (or cannot make it but would still like to order a blazer) please fill out the 5-question survey here.

Donation: In exchange for this exclusive offer and the opportunity to support our PBC athletes in style, please consider […]

PBC Summer 2016 JLRacing PBC Team Store is open!

On behalf of the PBC Branding Committee am pleased to announce this club-wide order which is open to all Senior Members and Racing Program participants.  Direct shipping to your front door (shipping cost is an additional charge – so if you only want to buy one item-buddy up with someone on the shipping).  The ship date is targeting just in time delivery for the 2nd week of August.

The link can be obtained thru the PBC Yahoo list, if not already on the list, please subscribe to [email protected]


Opening: Now!

Closing, Midnight (PST): 7/10/2016

Estimated Ship Date for Team Kit: 8/10/16

Estimated Team Kit delivered: 8/12/16

Estimated Ship Date for Team Outerwear: 8/24/16

Estimated Team Outerwear delivered: 8/26/16

Please submit order(s) in by midnight (PST) on SUNDAY  7/10/16. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different […]

2014 Summer PBC JLRacing Team Store is Open!


The PBC JLRacing Team store is now open and will be for a short-window of time to ensure unisuits can be delivered before the last weekend of July.  For new members, this store is offered to Senior Members/Program Participants and is an opportunity to purchase PBC branded gear.  The JLRacing Team store is set-up with mostly PBC branded items and non-branded merchandise to benefit from a group discount and savings on shipping. 

Please submit orders by end of day Thursday June 19th.  The link can be obtained thru the PBC Yahoo list, if not already on the list, please subscribe to [email protected]  The next club-wide store is anticipated to open for just-in-time delivery before the 34th Annual Charlie Butt Scullers’ Head of the Potomac, scheduled on September 28th.

Thank you,

PBC Branding Committee
Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!
[email protected]
[email protected]


Embrace the PBC Star!

Hi Potomac!

Happy spring, good weather is finally settling in, the 4-oar rule lifted, and rowing is fair game to all.  Time to get those oars on the water, whether participating on one of the racing teams, training on your own, or enjoying the scenic Potomac River, embrace the PBC star!  The committee will soon have star decals available for oars in case this winter was just too much for them?  An order has been placed for approximately 100 decals.  We determined that one universal size could accommodate both sculling and sweeping blade sizes.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the Annual meeting and also posted in the respective locker rooms.  There are also 5” star decals available ($3.00/each), this inventory is being discontinued.  Please contact [email protected] when the need occurs for decals.

Those that are more free-spirited feel free to adorn your blades as you would like.  Those that […]

2014 JL PBC Team Store is Open [closes 03/09]

Dear Members of Potomac Boat Club and Program Participants,
The full JL Racing PBC Team Store for 2014 is now open.  Please check PBC yahoo list for the link to the site.   Any questions please contact the Branding Committee using the contact form.

thank you,
PBC Branding Committee
Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!

Spring Fever? Get ready for 2014 JL PBC Team Store……..

The Branding Committee is coordinating a few items with JL Racing. The full store will be re-opened shortly so stay tuned.  A reminder most uniform items, t-shirts, trou, etc. will be delivered first then the outerwear will be delivered later.  Looks like even our favorite pets are getting their gear on, check it, Autumn is sporting the Turtleshell,  courtesy of Autumn’s Owner, Lorea Wetten.

more later, thank you,
PBC Branding Committee

Boathouse Sports Dec 2013 Orders


For those that placed a gear order with Boathouse Sports in December, thank you for supporting the store AND your patience!  The orders should be shipping this week, a UPS notification via email will be sent in advance of the delivery.  Please let me know about the gear, helps in the decision making process on selections to offer in the future.

Also in case you missed the opportunity, a few extra items (t-shirts, hats, tops, tights) were ordered but limited in size/quantity.

Thank you,
PBC Branding Committee

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JL Racing Team Store returns in May! Stay tuned!


The Potomac Boat Club JL Racing Team Store opened until midnight (PST), September 12, 2010.  The planned ship date for those order placed prior to September 12 is October 12, 2010.

PBC JL Racing Team Store (now closed)
Order your own JL uni right here.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact Sylvia Frayne. (Her email address was sent today in a message to the Yahoo group.) Or visit the order FAQs on the team site!

Happy shopping, PBC!

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