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Erg Sprints results!

Dear PBC,

Ergs don’t float, but that didn’t matter last weekend.

Major wins and great representation at Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints.  Sorry for any spelling errors. Please alert me to any inadvertent omissions.

Here we go:
Aidan Wrenn-Walz 16th (out of 130+) in the Junior Women 20 min row

Kirsten Spittel 1st in the Open Women 30 minute row

Greg Gillinger 2nd in the Senior Men 30 minute row

Greg Love 2nd in the Veteran B Men 30 minute row

Chuck Selden 1st in the Veteran C Men 30 minute row

Bill Kostoff 4th in the Veteran C Men 30 minute row

Cal Sutliff 1st in the Veteran F Men 2K

Dana Perrone 1st in the Veteran D Women’s 2k

Fred Hathaway 4th in the Veteran C Men’s 2k

Jayne Lytel 1st in the Veteran C Women’s 2k

Nick Holland 1st in the Veteran B Men’s 2k

Greg Gillinger 1st in the Senior Men’s 2k

Harold Garon 4th in the Senior Men’s 2k

Olwen […]

Good Luck at ERG Sprints

Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints, the first regatta of the year, is taking place this Saturday at TC Williams High School in Alexandria.  Come by and cheer: no kidding it’s actually an excellent spectator sport.  

Best of luck and fresh legs to the men’s sweep, club scullers, high performance scullers, smack-talkers, freelancers, pirates, mercenaries, and Washington and Lee High School on Saturday as they battle with the numbers.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Olwen for race times and other useful information

Jen Forbes and I will be there selling PRSF calendars 🙂

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    View and Order Inaugural Potomac River Sports Foundation Calendar Now!

View and Order Inaugural Potomac River Sports Foundation Calendar Now!

After working furiously we are pleased to present the Potomac River Sports Foundation Calendar.  The order was placed last night, and should arrive in the next week. We apologize for the delay: we almost bit off more than we could chew!

Thanks everyone who provided photos – your work is credited in the calendar – and moral support, and a HUGE thank you to Jen Forbes for burning the candle at both ends to get the final layout squared away.  Without her, this project would not have happened.

We have made a modest order of 100 calendars, and will be selling them for $25 apiece.  We hope to be able to raise over $1000 for the PRSF, as well as providing some year-round rowing inspiration to our community!

To preview the calendar, please click on “See Project”, and then click the rather small “view” button when the link opens (it should work, but if […]

Independence Day Regatta Race Report

We had a really good turnout for Independence Day by the Juniors, Development, Elite, Men’s sweep, Club and Independent Scullers last weekend in Philadelphia. We entered more events than I can count, and everyone had a lot of fun.

Wins in:
– Men’s Masters 8+
– Men’s Masters 4+ (final 2, 3, AND 5)
– Women’s intermediate 2x,
– Men’s masters 1x (Final 4)
– Men’s masters light 2x (final 2)
– Women’s masters 2x (final 3) and
– Women’s masters 4x.
Some great races, including the men’s intermediate 4x where the lights almost got the heavies. (Results)

July is a busy month: Next big regattas for the club will be:
Club Nationals, July 13-17
World Championships Trials, July 18-22
Diamond State Masters, July 23-24
Bleed Red, and thanks for all the support that makes this fun possible.

Greg Ansolabhere at the Henley Royal Regatta

One of our own, Greg Ansolabhere, is competing at the Henley Royal Regatta.

Photos of Greg taken during the Qualifying round.

Watch him against T.H. Graves in Day 2 of the Diamond Challenge Sculls.

Watch him against Oberno in Day 3 of the Diamond Challenge Sculls.