The role of the Safety & Security Committee is to monitor the house and its environs,  and to help ensure the well being of the membership during use of the house. The committee does this through electronic monitoring, educational awareness of members, and coordination with local law enforcement. The committee reports directly to the Board of Governors and coordinates closely with the House Committee.

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A few specific things the committee would like to remind all users and guests:

  1. When in doubt, dial 9-1-1! If you see something suspicious inside or outside of the house, or someone is experiencing a medical emergency of any kind, please call for help. The Metropolitan police and Harbor Patrol, as well as the US Park Police have encouraged us not to hesitate to contact them. Time is of the essence in an emergency!
  2. Do not leave valuables in your car, or lying around in the house. Always make sure your vehicle is locked when you leave it.
  3. Do not share your access code with anyone! As well, do not let anyone piggy-back into the club behind you if you can not confirm they are a member or program participant. Guests should remain outside until escorted in by their hosts.
  4. Always be aware of your surroundings both inside and outside of the club. This includes in front of the club, on the dock (where it can be uneven), and along Water Street. This is especially true at night.
  5. When you are finished in the club, or believe you are the last person in the house, please take time to close and secure all doors and windows, as well as turn off lights.

The committee and Board of Governors can not emphasize enough that Safety and Security are everyone’s responsibility! The well being of one and all is maintained through each of us looking out for the other.  More specific information about security practices can be found in the Member’s Handbook. Lastly, if you have questions, concerns, see something suspicious, or are involved in an incident please contact the Safety & Security Committee using the form below.

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