Potomac Boat Club is a charter member of the Potomac River Safety Committee (PRSC), a group formed to address safety practices amongst rowers and paddlers on the Potomac River between Fletcher’s Cove and the 14th Street Bridge. As part of the larger community the Board of Governors expects that all scullers, rowers, coxswains, and coaches who use the club will familiarize themselves with the PRSC Rules and Guidlines, and take care to ensure the safe usage of the river by all.

You can find the Safety Rules and Guidelines in addition to more important informationĀ HERE.

The current representatives of the committee are:

Eric Carcich– Women’s Head Coach, GWU
Mark Davis– Men’s Head Coach, GWU
Alan Dixon– Washington Canoe Club
Tony Johnson– Head Coach of Georgetown University Crew
George Kirschbaum– W-L Women’s Coach; PBC; P.R.S.C. Chairman & draftsman
Matt Madigan– Potomac Boat Club Elite Sculling program coordinator
Joe Olbry– Thompson Boat Center (TBC) Asst. Manager (TBC HS Program liason)
Derek Parsons– W-L Men’s Head Coach; PBC, VASRA


In the event you are involved in an incident or have a concern you advised to contact the specific coach or sculler involved. If you are unsure who that person was or need additional help, please contact one of the committee members listed above. Questions and comments can also be directed to theĀ Potomac River Safety Committee using the form below.

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