Join us coffee every Friday on the porch!

Volunteers needed every Friday: (Coffee Sign Up Sheet)

PERCOLATOR: Early Bird – by 6:30AM – bring percolator and coffee down to porch and get brewing!

SET-UP: Early Bird – by 6:30am – bring down the “friday coffee tub.” Make sure the tub has cups, sweeteners, stirrers, napkins, etc.

BUY/BRING DAIRY: Purchase 1 gallon chocolate milk, 1/2 gallon 2% milk, 1 pint half & half.

BUY/BRING DONUTS AND FRUIT: Purchase 2 – 4 boxes of donut holes (or similar goodies), and 3 – 5 pounds of clementines.

SURPRISE US! — Bring a homemade delectable treat to share.

CLEAN-UP: Put away coffee and supplies in kitchen. Includes cleaning the coffee urn.


Fill the percolator to the 50 cup level. The percolator doesn’t fit perfectly in the kitchen sink. You kind of have to work it under the faucet.

Use 3/4 lbs of coffee; it makes good, strong coffee.

The percolator takes a good hour to brew although, the coffee is pretty good after 45 minutes. It’s best to get it going at 6:00AM to 6:15AM.

There is a power strip and extension cord in the kitchen. There’s a single outlet just inside the north most french door on the porch. Plug the percolator and the Keurig into the power strip. The percolator will go on automatically. Don’t turn on the Keurig; it will throw the circuit breaker in the power strip. If it does trip simply turn it off and on again.

Contact Your Benevolent Social Committee Regarding Friday Coffee