The current Potomac Boat Club Board of Governors comprises:

President Barbara Ryan (2022) Email: president(at)
Vice President Lena Wang (2021) Email: vicepresident(at)
Secretary Virginia Bryant (2022) Email: secretary(at)
Treasurer Olwen Huxley (2021) Email: treasurer(at)

Lorea Wetten (2020) Email: assist.treasurer(at)

Phil Bogden (2020)
John Kiyonaga (2021)
Jameson Nelson (2020)
Ed Ryan (2022)
Lorea Wetten (2020)
Float Officers
Captain John Olbrys
1st Lieutenant Bill Kostoff
2nd Lieutenant Jayne Lytel


The Board of Governors meets monthly, with the minutes from each meeting made available to the general membership here by the Secretary. Potomac Boat Club also holds one Club-wide Annual meeting, scheduled during the first two weeks in April, and one Semi-annual meeting, scheduled during the first two weeks in October. The Annual meeting agenda includes board elections, officers are elected at the Annual (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and Semi-annual (Captain, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant) meetings.

Potomac Boat Club members who would like the Board of Governors to consider a particular issue or who would like to get clarification on club policy can communicate with the Board via the Secretary using the form below. First and last names should be included in the email. Anonymous comments will not be considered. Appropriate matters will be taken up at the next board meeting following receipt of the email.

Contact the Potomac Boat Club Board of Governors