2020 Board Candidate: John Froemming

I joined PBC a few years ago, after a long absence from rowing. My initial motivation was to reconnect with the sport, to improve my form and fitness. And while I am starting to make progress in these regards, the greatest benefit of PBC has been belonging to a community bound by the love of rowing. 

Without the PBC team, I don’t think I would have become as committed to sculling and racing as I am, so much so that Fritz calls me a “born again rower.”  It has become a sanctuary for which I am truly grateful, and to which I want to give back. 

In terms of qualifications, I am an attorney with over thirty years of experience fiercely advocating my clients’ causes, resolving contentious issues, and listening to and representing the interests of the many lawyers in my group—many of whom have widely differing yet strongly held opinions. In addition to my work at the firm, I have experience as a Board member of the highly successful, 31,000-member Potomac Conservancy, which lends insight on effective ways that a Board can help its organization realize and exceed its mission and goals. I have also led successful fundraising efforts for my alma mater and other non-profits.  

We are fortunate to be able to row at PBC, and have a responsibility to see that it continues to flourish in the short- and long-term, and remains an example within the greater rowing community.  We have the community and the foundational tools to make this institution even greater by maximizing the success of our racing team while ensuring that all of our members find their connection to and love of rowing.