Potomac Boat Club has a 9-person Board that is the governing body of PBC.  Every year, we hold elections for three board member seats, which serves for a three-year term.  If you believe that you can represent your fellow members, potential to improve the Club, and have the time, energy and passion to devote, we would highly recommend that you give this serious consideration.

Want a bit more information?  The Board is a collaborative body; one useful thing learned by sitting on a Board, particularly a non-profit Board of an all-volunteer organization, is the need for balance and understanding of different viewpoints. Our governing documents provide that only senior members in good standing (i.e., are current on all dues and fees payments), and who attend the Annual Meeting in person, may vote. No proxies are allowed – and one vote per membership.  So please do come to the Annual Meeting, exercise your vote, and it’s a great time where we honor many of the people who have contributed to the Club over the prior year, and the food and drink are marvelous.

The Board is strongly encouraging those members who intend to run for a Board position to send a statement of why they would like to be considered for this opportunity.  Please send your statement to [email protected] for publication on the PBC website. This open forum will allow for a better understanding of the issues (and passions) that candidates may want to address, an opportunity for candidates to be known and thus available for questions before the meeting, and ultimately a more open process.


Tim Baxter

Peter Clements

Olwen Huxley

John Kiyonaga

Tolsun Waddle

Lena Wang