Dear fellow club members,

This past Sunday, April 9, 2017, we held our Annual Meeting where the afternoon started with an amazing spread coordinated by the Social Committee. Oysters, libations and girl scout cookies… oh my! We also had a wonderful christening of two new Club Committee singles and two new Race Committee hulls. This was followed by the traditional dock picture of attending members and guests.

Feeling giddy, we sauntered up to the ballroom and held our meeting to update and discuss all things Potomac Boat Club. We will have those minutes available within the next week or so (or until I can get them typed up) just in case you could not make the meeting and all its glory.

First, we would like to take a moment to again thank our three board members – Michael Silveus, Virginia Bryant and Linda Miller – who provided years of service to the club. Each of them decided to pass the reigns to others as life outside of the club demanded their attention. Again, many thanks for the countless hours you devoted to the Board and ultimately the Club… sadly, I know the volunteering will not end here.

With that, we held the elections for those three seats and welcome new board members: Phil Bogden, Stu Sloan, and James Nelson. They are joining Lorea Wetten, Chad Jungbluth, Peter Clements, David Lippold and myself. Immediately following this, we elected officers Chad Jungbluth to continue as Club President, Peter Clements as Vice President, David Lippold as Treasurer, and Lena Wang as Secretary.

Thank you to those who made the meeting and to those that continue to serve the club committees. We cannot run this club without each other.

Row Like a Champion and Bleed Red,
Lena Wang
Secretary, PBC

PS – Next week, April 18-21 is the Spring Speed Order. Wishing the PBC High Performance Program the best of luck in Princeton!