Dear PBC’ers:

Please check for traffic moving upstream past PBC when you launch and return. Please be sure to yield to these other crews!

There is no need to cause crews from other boathouses concern for for their safety in your eagerness to get out to practice, or to return quickly to the dock when you are done for the day. Many of those other crews are inexperienced, so it’s difficult for them to hit the brakes to avoid a collision, and they should not have to do this. Our boats must yield right of way. Just as you do when driving your car – wait for an opening!

It is your duty – a duty for all of us, to yield to traffic in the pattern when crossing the river at any time, at any point of the river, not just in front of our house. We expect the same from those who row out of Thompson’s, but we must remain vigilant in case they might not see you (especially when moving fast in your final 1 mile sprint to the PBC dock!).

Be safe, have fun, work hard, get faster!

PBC Captain