After working furiously we are pleased to present the Potomac River Sports Foundation Calendar.  The order was placed last night, and should arrive in the next week. We apologize for the delay: we almost bit off more than we could chew!

Thanks everyone who provided photos – your work is credited in the calendar – and moral support, and a HUGE thank you to Jen Forbes for burning the candle at both ends to get the final layout squared away.  Without her, this project would not have happened.

We have made a modest order of 100 calendars, and will be selling them for $25 apiece.  We hope to be able to raise over $1000 for the PRSF, as well as providing some year-round rowing inspiration to our community!

To preview the calendar, please click on “See Project“, and then click the rather small “view” button when the link opens (it should work, but if it doesn’t, send me (Olwen) an email)

To order please send me an email. 

Happy Holidays

Olwen Huxley