Take note of the barges that sit across the first and second arch in the photo.  We will need to prepare for similar situations….

By the end of this week, DDOT will begin staging equipment for the planned repairs to Key Bridge.  It is a 24-month project that will involve barges in the river/arches during the process.  Throughout the repairs, typically one and sometimes two arches will be obstructed.

A DDOT representative gave an update/overview at a meeting last week of the Potomac River Access Coalition.  DDOT is clearly aware of the navigation hazards involved with the project, and appears to be coordinating closely with Harbor Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard.  It will be incumbent on the rowing community to ensure our unique needs are addressed.  We have POC’s for the project, there will be a public meeting in the next week or two, and apparently there will also be a website for the project.

Water St. and parking will also be impacted.  The staging of equipment will be south of the Waters St. curb line, but it remains to be seen how access to the street and parking along the street will be affected.

We will provide details as we verify them.

Smooth waters,