Saturday morning (16 July 2016) at approximately 5:15am six individuals scaled the Aqueduct gate and entered the building. They proceeded to look around on the dock and then attempt a joy ride in one of the wakeless launches. Luckily for PBC, member Michael McGuirk witnessed the criminals scale the gate and called police, who arrived within minutes. After a brief chase (the thieves swam from the gas-less launch to the shore) one of the perps was taken into custody and hopefully the rest will  be soon as well. In addition, Michael Skey was propositioned by other individuals around the same time this morning when he arrived who wanted to sell him drugs. It was an eventful morning!

The police have done a solid job helping us today, and are taking care with investigation.

Please let this serve as information regarding the events, but also a strong reminder that none of us can let our guard down around the boathouse! Please follow these tips:

  1. When in doubt call the police! Michael did the best thing possible, and didn’t try to confront anyone.
  2. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times (put your phones away, please). Watch for unsavory types.
  3. Leave no valuables in your car. If you must bring valuables (you define “valuable”) store them securely in the locker room, and not in your car.
  4. Do not let anyone into the house you do not know, and DO NOT share your access code. (I can’t stress this enough.) Even if they look “athletic” they may not belong in our boathouse.
  5. Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave.

If you encounter anyone or have need to call the police, safety first, and follow-up by providing any information to myself, Eric, or Lena.

Thanks to support from the BOG we are working on making security updates to the club that will hopefully prevent these sorts of intrusions in the future.

Be safe, smooth waters,


This message was sent on behalf of the Potomac Boat Club Security Committee –  Eric Edmonds, Miles Fawcett, George Kirschbaum- chair, and Lena Wang.