On behalf of the PBC Branding Committee am pleased to announce this club-wide order which is open to all Senior Members and Racing Program participants.  Direct shipping to your front door (shipping cost is an additional charge – so if you only want to buy one item-buddy up with someone on the shipping).  The ship date is targeting just in time delivery for the 2nd week of August.

The link can be obtained thru the PBC Yahoo list, if not already on the list, please subscribe to [email protected].


Opening: Now!

Closing, Midnight (PST): 7/10/2016

Estimated Ship Date for Team Kit: 8/10/16

Estimated Team Kit delivered: 8/12/16

Estimated Ship Date for Team Outerwear: 8/24/16

Estimated Team Outerwear delivered: 8/26/16

Please submit order(s) in by midnight (PST) on SUNDAY  7/10/16. If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual, directly from JL. For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase.

Regarding checkout; Please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen the order did not go through, please double check the information that you entered.

Be sure to check out the FAQ page and the sizing tab if you have any questions. http://www.jlracing.com/page.teamstorefaqs.html


Team Administrator: Sylvia Frayne
JL Rep: Brian DeLong, (800)831-3305 ext. 215

Happy summer rowing season!

PBC Branding Committee
Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!