A mdwt  Sykes 2015 convertible double/pair was just added to the fleet and went on it’s maiden row this am. It’s identical to the Gretchen Ellsworth and the Ross Wilson, but sits in between in weight. It’s best suited for a crew of about 150 to180 lb average weight. The boat also has quick-exchange sculling and sweep riggers and adjustable shoes. We’ve rigged it as a 2x for now and it’s stored under the aqueduct. It’s spare riggers hang in the doubles bay behind the fire extinguisher.

Currently appearing in FleetWatch as “Sykes6259-2x” or “Sykes6259-2-“,  it needs a formal name and we hope you can help with that (no bird names, please). Your suggestions would be truly appreciated.

We hope that you will enjoy this new addition to the fleet.