Following are PBC Members who are running for 2016 open board seats along with their statements of interest:

Greg Ansolabehere
The reason I came to PBC was to accomplish something. Accomplish my goal of making the national team and eventually the Olympics. During my time here, since 2013, I’ve been amazed at what this club can accomplish, how well it takes care of the house and the membership. Being a member of the Open Sculling team allows me to take advantage of all the awesome resources our club has to offer. Not only do my teammates and I enjoy an all-star coaching staff, but the boathouse itself, equipment and location are all something special that I can’t imagine my life without. Running for the board is just one way I can give back to this community that has given me so much. I want to be a part of the organization that preserves the tradition of PBC and continues to be a model steward of the Potomac River.

Hudson Osgood