Board elections
PBC annual meeting – April 12th, 3pm

Here’s your chance to step up, PBC! Board elections just a month away – see details and nominees in our special Board elections section of the website.

This is the meeting where we elect three (3) Governors to serve a three (3) year term. Those who’s terms are up this year are Nick Davies, Jean Hopkins and Ed Ryan. Officer elections, which are done annually, will also be held. Current officers are Pamela Roberts (President), Nick Davies (Vice President), Joe Ledvina (Secretary) and Chad Jungbluth (Treasurer).

We have learned that Joe Ledvina will be stepping down from the Board. He is moving on to new adventures! So that means – beyond the fact that we will miss Joe – that there will be four Board seats up for election. There are three seats that are up for election, plus Joe’s. So if you are interested in running for the Board, now is a good time!