PBC Fans - courtesy of Phil Hoyle & family 2014

PBC Fans – courtesy of Phil Hoyle & family 2014

The PBC JLRacing Team store is now open and will be for a short-window of time to ensure unisuits can be delivered before the last weekend of July.  For new members, this store is offered to Senior Members/Program Participants and is an opportunity to purchase PBC branded gear.  The JLRacing Team store is set-up with mostly PBC branded items and non-branded merchandise to benefit from a group discount and savings on shipping. 

Please submit orders by end of day Thursday June 19th.  The link can be obtained thru the PBC Yahoo list, if not already on the list, please subscribe to [email protected].  The next club-wide store is anticipated to open for just-in-time delivery before the 34th Annual Charlie Butt Scullers’ Head of the Potomac, scheduled on September 28th.

Thank you,

PBC Branding Committee
Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!
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