Hi Potomac!

Happy spring, good weather is finally settling in, the 4-oar rule lifted, and rowing is fair game to all.  Time to get those oars on the water, whether participating on one of the racing teams, training on your own, or enjoying the scenic Potomac River, embrace the PBC star!  The committee will soon have star decals available for oars in case this winter was just too much for them?  An order has been placed for approximately 100 decals.  We determined that one universal size could accommodate both sculling and sweeping blade sizes.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the Annual meeting and also posted in the respective locker rooms.  There are also 5” star decals available ($3.00/each), this inventory is being discontinued.  Please contact [email protected] when the need occurs for decals.

Those that are more free-spirited feel free to adorn your blades as you would like.  Those that represent the club in racing venues your choice and only choice is white star.  This committee honors and is bound to the club’s constitution so please respect the star in the color as defined to be in white.

Happy rowing PBC, thank you,
Branding Committee
Potomac Boat Club
Washington, DC USA

Decal details:
5 ½” wide x 5 1/3” high
Premium white vinyl in white
Available after April 17th