Busy weekend for Potomac! Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints on Saturday, February 1, for many of us. And your friendly PBC Social Committee packed in three events for you too from Friday, January 31 till Sunday, February 2.

Thanks to SC members Tim Spell and Pete Folger who rose and shone on Friday morning to start brewing coffee. Good turnout for our Year of the Horse celebration– especially considering the taper for erg sprints. Giddy-up, PBC! Stoked on Chinese good fortune—and relentless training—Potomac was poised for victory the next day at Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints.

And then came the epic Hurt Locker Happy Hour and Dance Party of 2014. After a brief recovery, racers were back at it partying with other members of the PBC community, giving the Oar Shot a work out, and re-fueling the glycogen tanks. (Liquid carbs count, right?)

We have SC member Lorea Wetten to thank for selecting and providing the ice cold beer. Tim and his brauny band of keg studs put the keg in place and tapped it for the evening festivities.

Tim, Pete (laden with bags of ice), SC member Angela Crooks, and friend of the SC Wellsley Lovatt showed up extra early to clear ergs from the ballroom, set up tables, light the (electric) candles, turn on the music, and crank up the heat.  Many hands made fast work—but not fast enough for erg sprint winner Phil Bogden and Dick Griffith, who arrived just early enough to put finishing touches on the ballroom before kicking off the party.

Pete then got down to business—mixing up his featured cocktails: killer Manhattans. And he maintains he is not responsible for what followed…

We are indebted to SC member Alex Smith for getting the PBC Oar Shot in good working order so that it could be put to work!

So many thirsty rowers! And Alex Delsordo came to the rescue with Solo cups for them all.

Glenn Kelly, the newest SC recruit, inspired us with his smooth moves on the dance floor. And when everyone else had gone, Glenn stuck around to clean up the party. (Yup, he’s a keeper.)

Sylvia Frayne, our Branding Committee Chair, not only volunteered to help clean up too—but offered a fabulous selection of popular PBC branded scarves and socks to keep rowers warm through frigid winter months.

Lena Wang and Josh Patulski—out of the goodness of their hearts–also stuck around till the bitter end until the ballroom was all tidied up and ready for early morning ergers. The SC bows down to you in gratitude…

Then Tim revved it all back up on Sunday for PBC’s NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Party. He live-streamed the game and coordinated a potluck feast with plenty of beer and mulled wine that was more memorable than the game itself.

Thank you all—about 250 and growing!–for liking the Potomac Boat Club page on Facebook where Tim and others shared photos of the weekend’s festivities.

And while some SC members were busy here, know that other SC members had important field assignments. Greg van der Vink was whisked away to an undisclosed location for the delicate task of sampling new wines. His mission: to safeguard the partying populous from the buzz-kill of swill.

Susan Trice and Camilla Durfee are not always seen, but they always do so much – not least by setting a high standard for entertaining and keeping yahoo-ism in check when the crew gets a little carried away. Mwah! We love you.

Sean Durkin, SC Emeritus and PBC Social Guru, is lighting up the social scene in Colorado as we try to channel some of his spirit and energy back here in DC.

Whew–what a tour de force–three great events in as many days. And that’s not counting the four 2Ks and a marathon raced by your tireless SC on Sat. BOOM!

We do it all for you, PBC.