2013 SHOP Starting Line by member Allen Anderson

2013 SHOP Starting Line by member Allen Anderson

Congratulations and thanks to the many athletes who came from far and wide to compete at the 2013 Charlie Butt Annual Scullers Head of the Potomac (SHOP)!

On Sunday, September 29, 2013, race fans and casual onlookers got a glimpse of novice, junior, collegiate, elite and master category athletes giving their all down the Potomac on one of the most beautiful days in the regatta’s 33-year history.

With approximately 350 entries in events ranging from singles to eights, the regatta was an amazing tribute to legendary coach Charlie Butt’s ongoing legacy at PBC and his contributions to U.S. rowing.

We look forward to seeing you all next year!


For direct access to this year’s event, please click here.  For this and previous years’ results, please visit the club’s website here.


We had two professional photographers at the regatta this year!

  • Eric Swenson from Lane One Photography was at this year’s race, and caught some great shots of the crews in action.  You can view and purchase Eric’s photos right from the Lane One Website.
  • SportGraphics was at the regatta, too, and has more nice shots that you can view and purchase directly from their site.

The members of the Regatta Committee, who organized this year’s event, include the following:

Peter Clements
Pam Roberts
Ed Ryan
Eric Edmonds
Samantha Byrd

Along with the extremely hard work of the committee, the club would be unable to hold this annual event without our dedicated SHOP volunteers.  This year, more than one hundred of you gave of your time and lent us your many talents to ensure the 2013 SHOP was a huge success.

So, in addition to the patient, helpful staff of Thompsons Boat Center (TBC) and our fellow clubs, we would like to give a huge shout out to the following race day volunteers (and anyone we missed!), who continue to make the SHOP possible … in no particular order:

Bill Kostoff
Chris Walsh
Paul Holland
Catie Malone
Johnny Forrest
Jeri Hessman
Steven Fondriest
Tom Connery
Eric Neilson
Eric Edmonds
Angela Crooks
Laura Barrosse-Antle
Tiffany Behr
Garret Rasmussen
Rick Trimble
Penelope Wrenn
Chad Jungbluth
Aidan Wrenn-Walz
Lena Wang
Dana Perrone
Tracie Felker
Sylvia Frayne
Hamilton Hardman
Ian Hardman
Sean Durkin
Lauren Schumer
Ross Wilson
John Gallagher
Abby Martin
Andrew Mergen
Duncan Yoder
John McDermott
Michele Evans
Katie Stainken
Mike Matsko
Tim Baxter
Alex Kuschner
Allix Wilde
Susan Trice
Elizabeth Kelleher
Eva Sullivan
Nils Peterson
Ed Gehres
JoAnn Grainger
Jack Nihill
Stan Marcuss
Beverly Buffkin
Barclay Howe
Susan Weeks
Ed Ryan
Matt Gillman
Graham Gillman
Steve Weiss
Robin Roberts
Will & Adam Packard
Elizabeth Becton
Forrest Shuster
Pamela Roberts
Brooke Toni
John Forster
Ross Wilson
Todd Crawford
JoAnn Grainger
David Bowyer
Sanae Kubota
Marc Edmonds
Dwight Smith
Abby Martin
Cal Sutliff
Linda Sutliff
Rick Trimble
John Lavery
Matt Madigan
Allen Anderson
Steve Schmitt
Gail Edie
Bruce Beckner
Kate Hare
Robin Roberts
Barbara Ryan
Lauren Schumer
Victoria Tigwell
Caryl Salters
Forrest Shuster
Ad Bax
Jon D. Toellner
Betsy Garside
Kathy Hughes
Matt Miller
Joe Ledvina
Janice Rone
Rick Trimble
Nick Holland
Peter Pietra
Tom Kiernan
Tina Cleland
Debbie Charles-Chisholm
Elizabeth Webber
Pierre Cossard
Mary Cossard
John Anthony
Ken Androue
Rick Trimble
Nick Holland
Peter Folger