The unmistakable pink sleeves of Croker.

Boing! It’s Spring!

Spring. Time to get serious about getting serious about this thing called rowing. Or at least it’s time to look like you’re getting serious. So, start practicing your best race face for SportGraphics and in the meantime, also consider the rest …

If you’re on the member listserv, you know that if you act right now, you could have a new set of Crokers next week or even get your old sculls resleeved.  Croker rep Greg Doyle’s contact information is below, along with a link to the Croker web site, where you’ll find new sculls pricing information and specs:

Greg Doyle
Croker Oars – USA Sales & Service
212 Karins Blvd
Townsend, DE 19734
(302) 897-6705

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crokerusa
Web: www.crokerusa.com

Busted up boat?  If you’ve been following the Star, you also now know that if your boat needs a little work (or even a lot) you can send it off to Finish Line Hull repair, where Senior Member Alex DelSordo and a crew of expert hull repair specialists will have you shipshape in no time.

Naked?  Sylvia Frayne, who leads our Gear Committee, just gave us the heads up on a JL team store that could be opening up as soon as this week!  This will be your chance to order some fresh (emphasis … fresh) unis and other workout gear in time for the summer racing season! Stay tuned on the listserv and Abner Burnside on Facebook to find out when the virtual doors are open for business!

Calm Waters Rowing

Calm Waters. The name says it all.

What’s left? Oh … you!   New sculls, pimped out boat, snappy non-shmelly gear, and a race face that calmly says, “Killing you on this course is just what I like to refer to as ‘Saturday.'”

Yep, the only thing left to tweak is the rowing part! No problem.

In addition to some awesome coaching options right here at home, PBC’s four-time World Champion and member of the U.S. National Team, Charlotte Hollings is ready to help you out with the you part of rowing in perhaps a less stressful, less judgmental environment than our home waters … the gorgeous Northern Neck of Virginia!

Get yourself on down to the Calm Waters Rowing Camp in Lancaster, Virginia, where you’ll get on the water and video coaching sessions, and lovely accommodations to boot.  Pay attention and coaches Charlotte Hollings and John Dunn will have you ready to row in no time.

Visit the Calm Waters site to book your reservation now. Mention you’re a member of PBC for a special discount (restrictions may apply).

See you on the water lookin’ good, PBC!