2013 Mens Masters A SDCC Winners - Potomac

Potomac BC Winners Men’s Masters A, 2013 San Diego Crew Classic

Seems a bit early in the year to be talking about destination rowing, let alone multiple wins, doesn’t it?  Well, we’re sure as heck not complaining.

That’s right, PBC, with the Cherry Blossoms still intact back home, our racers hit it from sea to shining sea (or man-made venue to the bay, if you’re gonna be all technical about it), to give us some serious racing to talk about … and it isn’t even May, yet!

The result?  Let’s just say it seems the luxury of being on the water all year long ain’t got nothin’ on a stank-filled cold locker full of ergs when it comes to building mental and physical toughness, the will and need to succeed, and yes, an urgency to escape to balmy climes while justifying it to loved ones and others with medals.  Lots and lots of medals.

2013 Sarasota Invitational

Holland, Van Der Vink, Walsh and Folger go 4-for-4 in Sarasota

Starting it off at the Sarasota Invitational in March, PBC ventured to the land of baseball winter training to put their own training to the test.  The travel team included Chris Walsh, Bill Cox, Jill Gardner, Larry Jaffe, Susan Weeks, Greg van der Vink, Bill Kostoff, Peter Folger and Nick Holland, who not only walked away with multiple wins, they managed to grab third in overall points.

Check out this list of impressives (new word alert) from Florida:

  • Men’s Masters D Single Winner: PBC (Nick Holland) with third fastest single sculling time overall
  • Men’s Masters Coxed Four Winner:  PBC (Holland, Folger, van der Vink, Walsh) with fastest 4+ time overall
  • Men’s Masters Quad Winner:  PBC (Holland, Folger, van der Vink, Walsh) with fastest 4x time overall
  • Men’s Masters Eight Winner: PBC / Palm Beach Rowing Association Comp (Holland, Folger, van der Vink, Walsh, Kostoff, 3 PBRA rowers) with fastest time of the day
  • Women’s Masters 2x Winner:  PBC (Gardner, Weeks)
  • Men’s Masters 2x Winner:  PBC (Cox, Jaffe)
  • Mixed Masters 2x Heat 1 Winner:  PBC (Gardner, Cox)
  • Mixed Masters 2x Heat 2 Winner:  PBC (Jaffe, Weeks)
  • Mixed Masters 4x Second: PBC (Jaffe, Gardner, Weeks, Cox)

Next up, PBC was off to the Left Coast and the San Diego Crew Classic.  Members of PBC competitive programs and club indy racers, some of whom were also in Florida (hall passes for back to back beach trips?! Nice), got together to knock out some quality racing despite Mission Bay’s infamous head wind and chop.

womens masters b sdcc

PBC women in San Diego with coach for the day, Olympic Gold Medalist Susan Francia

Proving once a PBC’er always a PBC’er, PBC women competitive program members and alum reunited to compete in the Women’s Masters B event.  With a little last minute coaching from Olympic Gold Medalist Susan Francia, they pulled off a gutsy 4th place finish.  The crew included Amanda MacEvitt, Sasha Foster, Olwen Huxley, Julie Freiburger, Wendin Smith, Lena Wang, Sadie Quarrier and Laura Lanigan Lauder.

A few of our PBC men riding a high from wins at the Sarasota Invitational also competed at the Classic in the Men’s Club 8, ending in another tight finish in 4th.  The crew included T. Fraites, Nick Holland, Pete Folger, Davis Bales, Doesserich, Greg van Der Vink, Greg Lesage, J. Yeado and Phil Bogden.

tim spell_sdcc

Thirsty. Tim Spell enjoys the taste of victory in San Diego.

And last, but far from last, PBC was victorious in a heart stopping final against Kent Mitchell in the Men’s Masters A.  (Check out the video of last 1000 meters of their awesome win on the top right of the Star! Thanks to Pete Clements for sharing.) Our Men’s Master A champions include Peter Daniel Clements, CJ MIller, Phil Hoyle, Morgan Welch, Alex Mastroyannis, Sean Durkin, TJ Maguire and Tim Spell.

Meanwhile, back on the erg …

Phil Hoyle quietly, and then with a BOOM! on Facebook, also became the new American record holder for the 10k.

Not a bad start to the year, right, PBC?!   More awesomeness to come. Because it’s just like that around here.