Potomac 2013 SDCC

PBC racers from across the competitive programs and the club in San Diego at the San Diego Crew Classic.

The following is the Racing Committee Report for the 2013 Annual Meeting, submitted by its Chair, Penelope Wrenn. If you have any questions regarding this report or about the Racing Committee, please contact Penelope at racing[at]potomacstar.com.

On behalf of the Racing Committee, I would like to thank the entire club for your ongoing support of PBC Racing!  From a racing results standpoint, we’ve already started the year off with wins at the Sarasota Invitational and the San Diego Crew Classic.  [You can read more about our club-wide participation in these regattas here.]

Your PBC Racing Committee includes the following members:

  • Chair, Racing Committee and Independent Club Racing Liaison, Penelope Wrenn
  • Open Sculling (OS) RC Representative and OS Head Coach, Reilly Dampeer
  • Masters Rowing Program (MRP) RC Representative, Virginia Bryant
  • MRP Alternate Representative, Lena Wang
  • Men’s Sweep (MS) RC Representative, Chad Jungbluth
  • MS RC Alternate Representative and MS Captain, Peter Clements
  • Board Liaison and Member of Men’s Sweep (MS), Nick Davies
  • Washington-Lee High School (W-L) Liaison and W-L Head Coach, and RC Launch Director, Derek Parsons
  • W-L Alternate Representative, W-L Women’s Team Head Coach, and RC Safety Advisor, George Kirschbaum
  • WeCanRow Program Liaison, Beverly Buffkin

As many of you are aware, our club, like any club, is filled with strong personalities each with varying goals and ambitions, mostly related to the passion we all share for the sport of rowing.  Regaining cohesiveness throughout the teams was a goal set the previous winter and I think we’ve come a long way towards achieving it.  I would like to recognize my committee as a whole for continuing to work so hard this year to bring all of the teams together to form a “team of teams” mentality … one team, Potomac Boat Club.

The Committee believes that through tight coordination and accountability we create an environment that supports the achievement of competitive goals throughout the Club, and serves as a reminder that we are indeed all part of one team.  Towards accountability, the RC created an Equipment Damage reporting procedure and online form (top tab of the Star) that allows the RC and other team leads track repairs through to completion. The RC also continues a successful effort to engage team management representatives and collaborate whenever possible with those beyond the Committee, including the Club Rowing Committee, the Membership Chair, and the Treasurer, as well as the Club at large.  The RC created online rosters to allow the Membership Chair and Treasurer to access the latest roster information.  Towards better safety awareness, this year, the RC named a Safety Advisor, George Kirshbaum, to the committee.  Since 2012, there has been a decrease in equipment damage through increased general awareness of safety and equipment issues.

The Open Sculling Program has refocused its efforts on elite men’s sculling with a goal of producing the next Men’s Quad that will represent the United States at the Olympics in Rio.  The RC thanks the club and the Potomac River Sports Foundation for its support of this effort. We know these great athletes will represent the Club well, and add to our rich history of success at the highest levels of our sport.

The Masters Rowing Program (MRP) and the Men’s Sweep Program (MS) continue to be self-sustaining and comprosed  mostly of senior members. At the same time, these teams highly value the contributions of their very active and motivated future senior member teammates.  To help address wear and tear on partner Washington-Lee High School, each team is contributing funds towards the refurbishment of a W-L hull to be used at the discretion of W-L Crew leadership.  Finally, all teams are currently operating within their own forecasted budgets.

Emphasized through the RC and team leaders, awareness and participation in various Club volunteer activities is at record levels. Competitive program members led or participated in large numbers in every major Club volunteer effort from Work Days to the Dock Move to the Charlie Butt Annual Scullers Head of the Potomac, and various other efforts as the needs of the Club have been identified.

With the competitive spirit of PBC emanating throughout the club, the RC this year recognized a growing need to coordinate requests from Club members who are unaffiliated with a program but who may wish to use RC equipment for purposes of racing; to facilitate these requests, the RC created an Independent Club Racing Liaison (the RC chair is the acting representative) to serve as a point of contact for these requests.

In 2012, RC delayed equipment turnover at request of the Board and pushed out hull turnover plan to support the purchase of new float / dock that serves the rowing endeavors of the entire club.  However, with the equipment purchase budget cut again this year, the RC as a whole must strive to do more with less, but hopes the Club will re-commit soon to the funds required to maintain quality fleets and serve the best interests of this club.

The Committee will continue to provide the Board with comprehensive reports from the teams on a regular basis.  The information and feedback gleaned from the Board and through the club-at-large throughout the competitive year will allow for the refinement of the goals, objectives and strategic outcomes that will grow and maintain the competitive spirit and legacy of PBC into the future.

Thanks, again, for your support.

Row like a Champion Today!

Penelope Wrenn, Chair, PBC Racing Committee