Finish Line’s Dan Reardon shows off an impressively long paint booth

The area’s rowing community has been eager to take advantage of a new competitor in the shell repair space, and now it can.

Finish Line’s trailer pulls away from Potomac Boat Club with its first round of pick ups

Strategically located between the rowing hub cities of Washington and Philadelphia in Baltimore, Finish Line Shell Repair launched on January 24th, 2013, opening the doors to a state of the art 5,000 square-foot shell repair facility complete with a paint booth long enough to accommodate an entire eight.

PBC senior member Alex DelSordo, and president and chief executive officer of Finish Line, collaborated with his father, Sandy “Papa Del” DelSordo, and long time friend Dan Reardon, to create the company’s business model built on excellent customer service and expert level repairs.

“As both an athlete and coach, I started to see a real need for a full-service shell repair company in this region that pays as much attention to its customers as it does on high quality work,” said Alex.  “Collaborating with my father [Sandy DelSordo] was a natural idea, and when I ran the idea for Finish Line by him last year, he was on board right away.”

The elder DelSordo knows what he’s talking about, too. With more than 30 years of boat repair expertise, Sandy DelSordo can take credit for the high quality workmanship coming out of Finish Line.

Today, after only a few months in business, Finish Line has repaired more than a dozen boats for rowing programs including Potomac Boat Club, Bishop O’Connell, St. John’s High School, Walt Whitman High School, George Washington University and several others in the region.  And so far, Finish Line’s clients are enthusiastic with the results.

New paint gleams on one happy customer’s private single

“With debris and a steady increase in boating traffic on the Potomac, a boat can experience damage that makes it unavailable to a program during critical training periods,” said a recent client and senior member of Potomac Boat Club.  “Finish Line worked hard to keep me in the loop regarding the repair status of one of our most in demand hulls, beat our deadline by weeks, and in the end, did a flawless job on the work itself.”

But damage to a hull doesn’t have to be major for Finish Line to take on the job.  In fact, the operation is suited perfectly to repair anything from a minor scrape on a single to the full refurbishment of an eight.  Maybe just as important, Finish Line pledges to keep its customers updated along the way so they will know exactly when to expect to get their boats back on the water.

“We have decades of experience in boat repair and in the sport of rowing at Finish Line, but we still took time to research the latest industry practices to ensure we were offering only the best to the East Coast rowing community once we finally opened our doors,” said Alex DelSordo.

Previous damage to a Filippi eight is now invisible

It looks like they’ve done just that. Customer response to Finish Line has been almost as impressive as Finish Line’s response time.

“We already saw a little damage this season, and sent the boat to Finish Line since they had done such a nice job on a refurbishment earlier this year,” said Penelope Wrenn, senior member and chair of the PBC Racing Committee. “I’m not endorsing one company over another, but let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised to get the hull back looking flawless later the same week … that’s an almost unheard of turnaround time.”

Want to see more Finish Line yourself, PBC?

Go to the link below for “before and after” repair photos, and photos of Alex, Dan and, of course, Papa Del on the job.

About Finish Line Shell Repair

Finish Line Shell Repair’s mission is to be the premier shell repair company on the East Coast by building long-term relationships with its customers through superior service and quick turnaround on high quality repairs.

For more info, please contact Finish Line at the following:

Finish Line Shell Repair
101 N Gorman Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223