Sarah and Sean work it

Not only are the Master Competitive Teams self sufficient and bring back national and international level wins home to PBC, but team members have historically formed the heart beat of the club with a steady stream of life, activity and innovation on and off the water … for all to enjoy, again, at no extra cost!  Take advantage of the latest member benefit offered by Senior and Competitive Team Member, Sean Durkin!

That’s right, PBC, not only can you take out racing boats, canoes and kayaks, now there is a restored vintage Schwinn tandem in the PBC fleet, courtesy of fun-guy Sean Durkin.  The PBC tandem is available for all members to use and is perfect for a unique date.

The tandem is located on the patio next to the BBQ.  A pump is located near the bike rack in case the tires need some air (45psi suggested).  The ride up to Fletcher’s Cove is just 15 minutes and a great place to go for a picnic.

 Instructions for use:

– Front brakes are new and operated by the lever on the handlebars.

– The bell is quite effective and should be used when passing or when you feel like spreading cheer.

– Rear brakes work by pedaling backwards.

– The tandem has two gears, pedal backwards slightly to shift from low to high.

– You can adjust either seat with the tools in the basket.

– Above all have fun and be safe!

[The individuals in these photos are unpaid but professional acting PBC models.  Please do not infer romantic relationships 🙂 ]