Willy Packard surveys the effort with his son, grandson of legendary coach Charlie Butt

In case you weren’t able to make it down for Dock Week at PBC, below are a couple of links to enough photos that if you really, really wanted to, you could fake it if someone asked you whether you or not you were there. (Don’t do that, though. We’re simply saying there are a lot of photos.)

First, George Kirschbaum sends us images captured on August 28, 2012, when Bill Cox’s team unloaded the new dock by crane into the water at Washington Harbor. And honestly, whenever a crane is involved it’s bound to be cool. Click here to check out George, Jim Owens, Nancy Faigen and Sean Durkin driving the dock upstream by launch to await Installation Day.

Second, the Potomac Star offers up a bucket of photos from Dock Installation Day, September 1, 2012. Folks from Washington-Lee High School Crew, WeCanRow, the Club’s Racing Programs, a bunch of Senior Members and entire families of people we’ve never seen before showed up to make a tough job, well, kind of fun. To see it all come together, click here.

Weddings and dock installations … (sigh).  We really shouldn’t wait until the next dock install to get together, again.

Great seeing everyone, and great job, PBC!