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Annual PBC Work Day, Saturday, May 20th

Mark your calendars!

Let’s all come out and make quick work of spring cleaning around the house. Sweeping, washing, sorting, fixing, and all sorts of easy tasks for anyone and everyone.

Remember that volunteer work is a requirement of members. But it’s always a good time as well. See many other members that you maybe don’t see regularly.

More details as the date approaches.

See you there!
Chad Jungbluth

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Women find strength and camaraderie in rowing as they age

Read about Jayne Lytel and see pictures of Chuck Selden in an article in the Washington Post.

Key Bridge Rehabilitation Project

DC has initiated a two year rehabilitation project intended to maintain the structural integrity of Key Bridge and reduce further damage from continued deterioration and aging.

To learn more click here.

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AARP Magazine Article: Lynda Carter, Finding Her Rhythm

The former Wonder Woman gets her kicks rowing, cycling — and singing on open water.

Read the article here: link

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Key Bridge Repairs

Take note of the barges that sit across the first and second arch in the photo.  We will need to prepare for similar situations….

By the end of this week, DDOT will begin staging equipment for the planned repairs to Key Bridge.  It is a 24-month project that will involve barges in the river/arches during the process.  Throughout the repairs, typically one and sometimes two arches will be obstructed.

A DDOT representative gave an update/overview at a meeting last week of the Potomac River Access Coalition.  DDOT is clearly aware of the navigation hazards involved with the project, and appears to be coordinating closely with Harbor Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard.  It will be incumbent on the rowing community to ensure our unique needs are addressed.  We have POC’s for the project, there will be a public meeting in the next week or two, and apparently there will also be […]

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    Expect Water St. and the river to be a little more crazy than usual

Expect Water St. and the river to be a little more crazy than usual

Key Bridge Boats is offering free paddle boarding this weekend, so expect Water St. and the river to be a little more crazy than usual. Here is information from REI.

REI is providing free paddling at Key Bridge Boathouse

REI is providing free paddling at Key Bridge Boathouse all weekend long as a part of a campaign for the outdoors. The campaign is called United Outside, and it is built around a simple idea: that in a time of divisive politics, when we are outside, we come together. There are certainly Republicans who love to mountain bike and Democrats who love kayaking – but we don’t generally talk or even think about politics when we are outside.  Instead, we come together around a shared love for what we are doing. The United Outside campaign invites everyone for 100 days of outdoor recess.

Free Weekend is 1 of the 100 events at the core […]

Expect increased rowing traffic on Friday mornings

One of the program coaches out of Thompson’s Boat Center said to expect increased rowing traffic on Friday mornings. The increasing popularity of recreational water sports, launching out of TBC has affected the rowing programs’ Friday afternoon practices. As a result, the programs will be practicing on Friday mornings.

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    Meeting on K Street and Water Street Corridor Draft Concept Plan (25 June @ 10AM)

Meeting on K Street and Water Street Corridor Draft Concept Plan (25 June @ 10AM)

From Kate Sullivan

Perhaps slightly more likely to happen than a gondola is active consideration to construct a turnaround on Water Street with limited automobile access beyond 34th street.

There is to be an open discussion (flyer) beginning at 10am Saturday, June 25, at the Georgetown Waterfront Park (big blue tent at 31st and K). The point of the project is to join the Capital Crescent and Rick Creek Trails and enhance pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle safety.

And at least at this point, the drawings do not depict any street parking west of 34th, though the drawing does note the PBC parking area immediately in front of the club.

PBC Porch Renovation Update

Efforts have begun to make much-needed structural and cosmetic updates to the PBC porch. This work will take approximately three months to complete and includes:

• Replacing one of four major beams that support the porch and the entire front of the Club house.

• Leveling the porch floor and replacing boards that are rotted or damaged due to years of exposure to the elements.

• Installation of new highly efficient lights on the porch ceiling and under the porch to illuminate both areas. The porch lights will be placed on a rheostat to allow members to control the level of illumination.

• Removal of old paint buildup from surfaces which will allow for a more durable and smooth surface.

Please be patient while the work is completed. I know we all look forward to using the restored porch once the weather warms again!

Vermillion Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Challenge

Many of you remember Steve Vermillion who contributed so much to Potomac Boat Club as our House Chair, as a member of the Men’s Sweep Team, and as a friend. In honor of Steve who passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia 3 years ago, his son Joe has launched a campaign to raise $50,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Student of the Year Challenge. 
Make a real difference in the lives of people like Steve with your support. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the largest contributor to blood cancer research in the nation—research that helps develop drugs and other vital support for the 1.2 million Americans who are fighting or in remission from blood cancers.  
Your tax deductible donation will mean a lot to Joe. 
Please take a moment now to help Joe meet his goal of $50,000. You can donate online at: